6 Common myths about WordPress Part 2

In the previous part of this article we saw 3 myths about WordPress and now, in this second part, we will continue analyzing how sometimes people believe that a free platform is a synonym of a bad platform because does not have enough information or check this data.

WordPress is a free platform to create websites and also a flexible and secure option for your business. 

4. WordPress is not secure and can be easily hacked

Nowadays there have been many cases of sites created in WordPress that is hacked and attacked. This causes data loss, hard work and a lot of frustration for webmasters.

However, in most cases this happens because a good security strategy is not implemented to prevent attacks.

WordPress alone may be vulnerable, especially by hackers with advanced knowledge, but there are plugins and tools to strengthen security and avoid losing all the information and hard work that has been done on a website.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about essential tips for WordPress security and you can learn how to protect your website.

5. I want to create a custom site and I do not want to limit myself to a preset template

The design and appearance of a website in WordPress are based on what we call themes, which are templates that can be downloaded for free, buy it from a developer or even create it from scratch.

The best thing about using these free WordPress themes is that you can change almost any aspect of structure and design to mold it according to the needs you have for your site.

Yes, each theme has a preset base and design, but this does not mean that you have to use without making changes. The CSS editor, widgets, plugins and other tools let you modify any necessary aspect of a WordPress theme.

If you do not know CSS or web development, the best option for you is to buy or download a theme and hire an expert programmer in WordPress to make all the changes that you want. 

6. WordPress does not work for e-commerce

Another wrong argument! There are many online stores and sites created in WordPress that work perfectly and they process sales and orders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with success.

How do they do? There are many WordPress plugins and themes that are designed to focus on turning to WordPress in an e-commerce platform.

Here are some plugins that are specially made for e-commerce and you can download from the Internet: 

  • WooCommerce
  • Exchange of iThemes
  • WP E-Commerce
  • eShop

In addition to plugins, you can find many designs in Woothemes, ThemeForest, ElegantThemes and in other places on the Internet.

Also, if you are going to create an online store, don’t forget to use some of the security WordPress plugins.

After reading these points  you are convinced that WordPress is the best option to create a website of any kind and that all the myths around the platform are false.