Plugins to fix and maintain your website in order

When we talk about WordPress, we are talking about the most advanced platforms to create websites, and not only because is safe and secure, but because offers plugins to fix and maintain your site and optimize your tools and time.

In this article, we are going to recommend to you some WordPress plugins to install for your website security.

1. Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

It is a plugin that eliminates unnecessary versions of posts, pages and unused tags, among others, as well optimizes the database. It is highly recommended by developers and programmers. 

2. Broken Link Checker

This plugin detects broken links in the content of your website and notifies you about it by email or in the Dashboard. In the list of broken links you can directly edit the URL or remove it, for example. And all without going to the post. Really a useful tool, especially for those sites that change constantly, like news sites.

3. Clean Options 

Although the last updating was a while ago (2 years now), is one of the best plugins to cleaning orphan options of plugins that have not removed your options settings of WordPress table (wp_options). To reinstall from scratch a plugin and make it function properly, is often essential to making a cleaning of the previous configuration. Clean Options is one of the essential plugins. But nonetheless, an important warning for you: it is a dangerous plugin if misused. It is easy to delete things you do not need and thereby disable your blog, the plugin itself warns that before any delete action you should make a copy of your database, or at least of the wp_options table.

4. Ultimate Coming Soon Page

A simple but effective way to put your blog in maintenance mode with a great WordPress plugin. This tool is perfect for when you have to perform some operation for a long period of time and must be invisible to the public, and when you're launching a new blog and want to create a announce the launch page. Only you and your team will see the blog, and the general public will see the page that you set with this plugin.

5. TPC! Memory Usage

This plugin monitors the "health" of your server, measure workloads, memory consumed or available and displays useful information about the environment: type and version of the server operating system, web server, PHP, database, etc. An essential WordPress plugin for a blog hosting.

6. WP-DBManager

A “multifunction" plugin to manage and optimize MySQL database for your blog or website. This plugin also allows to do things like run queries or make backups (although for this, you might prefer BackWPup). WP-DBManager is for optimize, backup, restore or repair your database. 

7. Simple Optimizer

Very interesting utility that allows you to optimize WordPress, eliminating all kinds of garbage that could slow your website, as unnecessary reviews blog posts, pages or comments in the spam folder. In the professional version is paid, but offers the programming option, to run automatically.

All 7 WordPress plugins can help you to maintain your website in optimal conditions, but is not recommended to install all at once.

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Email Marketing in WordPress

Having a list of email subscribers is one of the best strategies forms of generating traffic to your site and you need to respond immediately to your subscribers in order to capture new projects, have a feedback with your audience and send messages to your clients.

And besides that, there are great WordPress plugins that would help you maximize your marketing online. The best of them are Thrive Leads, WordPress calls to action, Mailchimp, Optinskin and OptinMonster. These five WordPress plugins are the best to increases your traffic and subscribers, with specifics features and original designs. The challenge is attracting visitors and make them subscribers. 

Thrive Leads is the best WordPress plugin to increase your list of subscribers because his platform allows of different ways and formats of forms, like in-line forms, opt-in widget, 2-step opt-in, “sticky” ribbon and popup lightbox. For Thrive Leads building a mailing list is essential to your website and to increase your traffic.

In each form of Thrive Leads you can configure when and where you want to show the forms. Also, you can use the statistics, a/b testing, and pick designs for adapting it to your website. It’s cost 67 dollars for a website and 97 dollars unlimited. 

If you want to create a flow sales or a subscription inside your website you must have WordPress calls to action. This WordPress plugin creates an email list with a metric on conversations, making split test, pop-ups with different messages and calls to actions. The plugin also creates banners. It’s perfect to email marketing. 

This WordPress plugin works perfectly with WordPress Leads and WordPress Landing Pages. WordPress calls to action also were built as a framework, with templates, so marketers can work with designers in the website.

Mailchimp for WordPress makes a list of subscribers and will make your life easier with various tools to create forms, send messages, sync your content, see statics and analytics with his advanced reporting feature and integrate social networks. According to Mailchimp, there are more than 10,000 websites that choose them to sent their e-mails campaign. There are 3 plans: Starting Up (free), Growing Business and Pro-Marketers.

There are many plugins with auto-response in the web for WordPress, but Optinskin is the best option if you want to get to the next level. With this WordPress plugin you can add attractive designs to your metrics, offers 18 default designs and the possibility of customizing buttons, also measure impressions, conversions and others values of your website performance. Optinskin offers an advanced analytics control panel and a simple interface for his back-end.

The last in our list, OptinMonsters is the specialist in pop-ups. This WordPress plugin is everything that you need in pop-up messages and has also a great interface, with features that help marketers to improve their results. Is an easy and powerful tool to increase your subscribers due multiple form types as floating bars, lightbox popups, sidebar forms and slide-ins.

With WordPress, you can improve your website with exceptional plugins!

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Essentials and specifics WordPress plugins

WordPress is the best platform to work for your website. There is not doubt about that. Millions of websites, in all countries, use WordPress, and isn’t just for his design, templates and, there are using this platform most of all for the plugins that can be add to a web.

But what are plugins? WordPress plugins are tools and software that helps us to make whatever we what to do with the platform. Any requirement or need that we have in our website can be solved with a plugin, and if that plugin doesn't exist, you can create it. There are no limits for WordPress.

Inside WordPress we can find any plugins that we need, there are more than 30,000 original plugins and thousands of others for independent developers. And that is all inside WordPress directory. But, what are the best WordPress plugins? There is a way to know if the no-official plugins are the best for my website? Don’t worry, we are going to clear any doubt that you can have regarding this. We can established two kind of plugins: essentials and specifics.

There are plugins that are essentials and universals, for any purpose. The most basic ones can be used in any website or blog, no matter the subject of the website, if you have a fashion website or a financial one. There are WordPress plugins that will be perfect for both. There are basic and universals and you can use it.

But you have also another WordPress plugins, ones that are specials and specifics. This kind of plugins can be adapted to your website needs and depends of what do you want with the plugin. Do you want a chart? A column? Or just add your social networks and see how the are updated in real time?

The best that you can do is have some of them installed in your WordPress template, specially the essentials plugins, and after that add the specific ones, regarding your needs for the website.

Every year, WordPress made an update of the platform and plugins, and every year the plugins take importance because of the possibilities that opens to your website, and every year there are taking more relevance along with give best results to users and developers.

Some of the best plugins for these year, the ones that we put in the list “Essentials WordPress plugins” are: i WordPress SEO by Yoast, iThemes Security (called before Better WP Security), Broken Link Checker, W3 Total Cache, Akismet, Ninja Forms, WP Smush, Broken Link Checker, Jetpack, Theme Check, Related Posts by Zemanta, Pretty Link and Google Analytics for WordPress.

All these WordPress plugins are free and you can easily add to your website, and there is plenty of help in the web to do it for yourself. There is always and advantage -and is more secure- to do it with a developer or a programer, but you can learn all about this tools for your website in the Internet. That will give you more security when some professional advice you about anything related to WordPress and how can you improve your web.

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New Blog Started


Hi all,

We are about to start our new blog. I’m glad to introduce you in the industry of wordpress themes. All news about best templates, designs and developers will be posted here. As a webmaster you probably need to check new themes, select best ones for using in your project. We will help you with this routine work. We will periodically check best themes directories to find out only high quality results. Only nice looks, only quality design, only top developers.

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