How to choose a domain name? Part 2

Essential Tips for Choosing a Domain
In the first part of this article, concepts like domain types and how to choose a name to your website regarding your goals were discussed, and there are others tips will be present, like topics like branding, names, and phrases.

Branding and keywords

In a domain, it is important to find a balance between branding and keywords. You can choose a domain that includes keywords for a better SEO positioning, but we can be sure that will be useful if the name ends up being long, difficult to remember or unoriginal.

For example, if you choose the domain name "" could be good because it includes keywords, but in a matter of branding, few people would remember it because isn’t easy to remember.

Try to choose a short domain, easy to remember and with attractive words. Google is the best example. The name has nothing to do with search engines or the services it offers, however, they are the most popular company on Internet and they dominate search engines industry.

Remember, keywords help but aren’t necessary.

Avoid accents or repeated letters

Although there are some web sites with domains including accents or rare character that are very successful, it is more complicated than people identify and remember them. The best thing is to avoid them unless you considered it absolutely necessary.

Another thing to avoid is repeated letters because you can lend to confusion. Always think twice before use a repeated letter  

Do not use words, trademarks or known phrases

If your domain has in it a word of any well know product, brand or registered phrase or maybe it is used by another person or company, you might get into legal trouble. Avoid this and choose a unique name that is not related to something that already exists. 

Domain extension

The best option for the extension of your domain is .COM, as it is the best known and first typed for users in their browsers extension. If is not available .COM but you believe that the name is the best and ideal domain, try .NET or .ORG Can but these extension are better if you have an organization.

Although there are more extensions, the .COM is still the most recognized and recommended for your blog or website.

Did I have to use numbers in my domain?

No. Try not to use numbers in your domain. As in all cases, there are some exceptions with numbers that have good traffic and positioning, but it is best not to include them.

In conclusion, the ideal is a .COM domain, because can suits your needs and goals. In addition, it is easy to remember and short.

But remember: all sites are different and every person is different. Apply these tips and adapt them to your preferences and ways of working.