Excellent news for Android

WordPress is one of the most used platforms for creating and develop web pages because of its functionality, adaptability and tools that help make changes or adds features that other sites cannot. But it also has a big problem, which is its unsuitability for new platforms, such as cell phones and tablets, for both, its system and its plugins.

Although the latest versions of WordPress have made several changes to improve this, still lacking for the platform to be 100% responsive.

The application of WordPress for Android is even more limited than the web version, in fact, it no longer supports the official version, and a CMS platform as complete (and complex in many ways) like WordPress can not have this error in the mobile world.

It’s true that many plugins are responsive for mobile devices, but the platform isn’t. And WordPress is trying to change that.

Despite that WordPress release a new version for Android, including really useful features, such as allowing access to the fingerprint on devices with the hardware (safer, impossible), it’s not the best platform to work with mobile devices.

Multimedia screen content has also been renovated, being more attractive and complete, and it is now possible to upload multiple images and videos at the same time, a feature that many programmers and developers were asking for some time now.

Now, in the mobile version, in management publications, you can see that now deleted posts go to the trash (like the web version), and users defined as “authors" can log in to the website without password (WordPress will not be asked constantly). Two great improvements to the system. 

To have the Android version of WordPress you can download directly from Google Play, but until they have a perfect system that transforms the audio into text, the mobile will remain a very limited form of writing complex publications.

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