How use plugins to create forms with WordPress

As a blogger, you have heard this too many times: “build your mailing list”. Many people who do email marketing confess that their mistake is not to start from the beginning: building a mailing list.

We all know that a mailing list will help to:

  • Driving traffic to your latest blog posts.
  • Deepen relationships with content and surveys subscribers only.
  • Send specific offers to help you earn more money with your blog.

But nobody tells us how, no one brings their technical "secret", ie, what resources use those earning thousands of dollars via email marketing. In other words:

How, actually, do you get people to sign up to your list? The trick is so simple, that it looks like a silly answer

What's the trick? Just put a form on your website and them will fill it out. Simple.

But… How can I create a professional-looking form? Where should I show or put my form? What are the different types of forms and if I need more than one?

The good news is that there are many plugins to create forms with WordPress that make the job easier, some free others don’t, but all very useful.

The bad news is that you have so many that no one tells us which is right for you. 

First of all, you have to know all types of forms there are and the possible uses for them along with their disadvantages.

#1 In the sidebar

The first way is to leave an "opt in" or form in the sidebar of your blog inviting subscription.


It is a place that all readers see, like it or not.

Most plugins are compatible with the mailing list managers.

Some plugins allow you to show different forms of exclusion based on the content of the form or article.


You may notice that now there are already blinded to these forms, since everyone uses them, and not have the desired success using it.

Recommendation: use this "opt in" or form as secondary, or not primarily for the purpose of your blog. You can eliminate blindness stop using CSS tricks or fix the form in that position forever. 

#2 As 'pop up'

A pop up is a window that is "launched" from the page, darkens the background and displays a small box, in this case, the "opt in" or form, demanding full attention. 


It is an extremely prominent position: everyone sees it.

You get 100% of your visitor's attention.

There are many plugins that make this kind of form.


It may be intrusive and annoying, and cause your readers to leave if they do not see the content immediately.

It is not compatible with all markets and audiences: experiment a little.

Recommendation: Use this form only when it is essential to growing your subscriptions, sacrificing the experience of your readers.

#3 A message box

Although it requires a little more support for your theme to put a message on the top of your blog and leave fixed on all pages is a good idea.


It is an extremely prominent position: everyone sees it.

You get 100% of your visitor's attention.

There are many plugins that make this kind of form.


Downplays your content pushing them at the back.

There are a few plugins that do this.

#4 At the end of each article

This is the use the majority of blogs do of forms: place a subscription box at the end of each article.


It is discreet

Subscribe only those who have reached the end, that is, people actually interested in your content

There are many plugins that make this kind of form.


Hard to find for a reader who wants to subscribe to your blog.

Recommendation: Only use it for "reinforcement" or to promote secondary content.

#5 A notification bar

A notification bar appears in the header or footer of your blog and usually remains fixed and visible when the reader moves to the bottom of the page.


It is cheap and easy to configure

Have high conversions

You can drive traffic to a "landing page"


You can fall into the "blindness". Make tests and try different texts or positions.

Recommendation: use this type of form when you want to see it always, that you want to be intrusive, or for redirect your reader to a landing page for some reason.

Here are some tips for you include forms on your website. Follow them!

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Email Marketing in WordPress

Having a list of email subscribers is one of the best strategies forms of generating traffic to your site and you need to respond immediately to your subscribers in order to capture new projects, have a feedback with your audience and send messages to your clients.

And besides that, there are great WordPress plugins that would help you maximize your marketing online. The best of them are Thrive Leads, WordPress calls to action, Mailchimp, Optinskin and OptinMonster. These five WordPress plugins are the best to increases your traffic and subscribers, with specifics features and original designs. The challenge is attracting visitors and make them subscribers. 

Thrive Leads is the best WordPress plugin to increase your list of subscribers because his platform allows of different ways and formats of forms, like in-line forms, opt-in widget, 2-step opt-in, “sticky” ribbon and popup lightbox. For Thrive Leads building a mailing list is essential to your website and to increase your traffic.

In each form of Thrive Leads you can configure when and where you want to show the forms. Also, you can use the statistics, a/b testing, and pick designs for adapting it to your website. It’s cost 67 dollars for a website and 97 dollars unlimited. 

If you want to create a flow sales or a subscription inside your website you must have WordPress calls to action. This WordPress plugin creates an email list with a metric on conversations, making split test, pop-ups with different messages and calls to actions. The plugin also creates banners. It’s perfect to email marketing. 

This WordPress plugin works perfectly with WordPress Leads and WordPress Landing Pages. WordPress calls to action also were built as a framework, with templates, so marketers can work with designers in the website.

Mailchimp for WordPress makes a list of subscribers and will make your life easier with various tools to create forms, send messages, sync your content, see statics and analytics with his advanced reporting feature and integrate social networks. According to Mailchimp, there are more than 10,000 websites that choose them to sent their e-mails campaign. There are 3 plans: Starting Up (free), Growing Business and Pro-Marketers.

There are many plugins with auto-response in the web for WordPress, but Optinskin is the best option if you want to get to the next level. With this WordPress plugin you can add attractive designs to your metrics, offers 18 default designs and the possibility of customizing buttons, also measure impressions, conversions and others values of your website performance. Optinskin offers an advanced analytics control panel and a simple interface for his back-end.

The last in our list, OptinMonsters is the specialist in pop-ups. This WordPress plugin is everything that you need in pop-up messages and has also a great interface, with features that help marketers to improve their results. Is an easy and powerful tool to increase your subscribers due multiple form types as floating bars, lightbox popups, sidebar forms and slide-ins.

With WordPress, you can improve your website with exceptional plugins!

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