Essentials and specifics WordPress plugins

WordPress is the best platform to work for your website. There is not doubt about that. Millions of websites, in all countries, use WordPress, and isn’t just for his design, templates and, there are using this platform most of all for the plugins that can be add to a web.

But what are plugins? WordPress plugins are tools and software that helps us to make whatever we what to do with the platform. Any requirement or need that we have in our website can be solved with a plugin, and if that plugin doesn't exist, you can create it. There are no limits for WordPress.

Inside WordPress we can find any plugins that we need, there are more than 30,000 original plugins and thousands of others for independent developers. And that is all inside WordPress directory. But, what are the best WordPress plugins? There is a way to know if the no-official plugins are the best for my website? Don’t worry, we are going to clear any doubt that you can have regarding this. We can established two kind of plugins: essentials and specifics.

There are plugins that are essentials and universals, for any purpose. The most basic ones can be used in any website or blog, no matter the subject of the website, if you have a fashion website or a financial one. There are WordPress plugins that will be perfect for both. There are basic and universals and you can use it.

But you have also another WordPress plugins, ones that are specials and specifics. This kind of plugins can be adapted to your website needs and depends of what do you want with the plugin. Do you want a chart? A column? Or just add your social networks and see how the are updated in real time?

The best that you can do is have some of them installed in your WordPress template, specially the essentials plugins, and after that add the specific ones, regarding your needs for the website.

Every year, WordPress made an update of the platform and plugins, and every year the plugins take importance because of the possibilities that opens to your website, and every year there are taking more relevance along with give best results to users and developers.

Some of the best plugins for these year, the ones that we put in the list “Essentials WordPress plugins” are: i WordPress SEO by Yoast, iThemes Security (called before Better WP Security), Broken Link Checker, W3 Total Cache, Akismet, Ninja Forms, WP Smush, Broken Link Checker, Jetpack, Theme Check, Related Posts by Zemanta, Pretty Link and Google Analytics for WordPress.

All these WordPress plugins are free and you can easily add to your website, and there is plenty of help in the web to do it for yourself. There is always and advantage -and is more secure- to do it with a developer or a programer, but you can learn all about this tools for your website in the Internet. That will give you more security when some professional advice you about anything related to WordPress and how can you improve your web.

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