10 signs that you need to change your website to WordPress – Part 2

In the first part of this article, some of the sings that show you that your website needs a change urgently. High cost in maintenance, old design and impossibility to reach your full potential. Now, we present 5 more reasons why you should install WordPress on your website.

6. Bad results in SEO

It is not a secret that WordPress and Google get along very well. The 2 companies work together for years and all Google services can be installed with WordPress. 

Besides that the platform has been already "pre-configured" and armed to ranking well in search engines, the use of plugins like SEO by Yoast helps a site in WordPress to reach the top positions in Google and other search engines faster and more effective than other platforms.

7. Want to start publishing in a blog

If you don't have a blog yet, and you want to publish relevant information, you can do it with WordPress and has many advantages, among which are:

  • Connect with possible clients, customers and audience.
  • Offer a value and generate more confidence with users.
  • Improve SEO (Google loves fresh and relevant content)
  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Making alliances
  • Create and/or promote products

Gradually more people have a blog, because today is a communication tool and an essential marketing.

WordPress is essentially a platform for creating blogs, over time it has evolved and today you can create many other types of web pages.

8. Want and need the latest technologies

Web technology evolves faster than ever and each day there are new trends in design, infrastructure and performance to improve user experience on the Internet, and you need to be informed.

WordPress adopts any new trends and latest in terms of web pages technologies. We can find topics with a responsive design which work on all platforms (PC, Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Tablets), items made with HTML5 and CSS3 and plugins for e-commerce and more.

Best of all is that you do not need to master all these technologies to use.

9. Facilitate your life

WordPress is a perfect platform for both, beginners and advanced users. It fits to create any kind of website due to the variety of plugins and themes that allow.

Tasks that can be normally complicated or tedious with programming or code become easy with WordPress. And you can manage SEO settings, create forms, capture pages, text editing and more without any complication.

10. Save Money

WordPress is a free platform, the only costs to use it are a web hosting account ($10 per month) and a domain ($10 annually). You can use a free theme or a premium, but the cost is between $5 and $100).

If we look at the minimum viable, cost to create a website with WordPress (20 dollars), it is very cheap compared to other methods, like hiring a programmer or a designer or buy an expensive and poor quality HTML template.


If you identify with one or more of these ten points, it's time to take action! WordPress is a very flexible, easy to use and accessible to any user, regardless of their experience.

If you do not know how to get started with WordPress, you can always check the website, where are tutorials and guides to learn about this excellent platform!

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6 Common myths about WordPress Part 2

In the previous part of this article we saw 3 myths about WordPress and now, in this second part, we will continue analyzing how sometimes people believe that a free platform is a synonym of a bad platform because does not have enough information or check this data.

WordPress is a free platform to create websites and also a flexible and secure option for your business. 

4. WordPress is not secure and can be easily hacked

Nowadays there have been many cases of sites created in WordPress that is hacked and attacked. This causes data loss, hard work and a lot of frustration for webmasters.

However, in most cases this happens because a good security strategy is not implemented to prevent attacks.

WordPress alone may be vulnerable, especially by hackers with advanced knowledge, but there are plugins and tools to strengthen security and avoid losing all the information and hard work that has been done on a website.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about essential tips for WordPress security and you can learn how to protect your website.

5. I want to create a custom site and I do not want to limit myself to a preset template

The design and appearance of a website in WordPress are based on what we call themes, which are templates that can be downloaded for free, buy it from a developer or even create it from scratch.

The best thing about using these free WordPress themes is that you can change almost any aspect of structure and design to mold it according to the needs you have for your site.

Yes, each theme has a preset base and design, but this does not mean that you have to use without making changes. The CSS editor, widgets, plugins and other tools let you modify any necessary aspect of a WordPress theme.

If you do not know CSS or web development, the best option for you is to buy or download a theme and hire an expert programmer in WordPress to make all the changes that you want. 

6. WordPress does not work for e-commerce

Another wrong argument! There are many online stores and sites created in WordPress that work perfectly and they process sales and orders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with success.

How do they do? There are many WordPress plugins and themes that are designed to focus on turning to WordPress in an e-commerce platform.

Here are some plugins that are specially made for e-commerce and you can download from the Internet: 

  • WooCommerce
  • Exchange of iThemes
  • WP E-Commerce
  • eShop

In addition to plugins, you can find many designs in Woothemes, ThemeForest, ElegantThemes and in other places on the Internet.

Also, if you are going to create an online store, don’t forget to use some of the security WordPress plugins.

After reading these points  you are convinced that WordPress is the best option to create a website of any kind and that all the myths around the platform are false.

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