Create a website without programing with Platform 5

You want to create web pages but don’t know where to start? WordPress and Platform 5 can have a solution for you. WordPress is an excellent platform to create all kinds of websites and now you don’t need to know about coding or debugging.

Sometimes you don’t have the money of the time to work for months with developers, designers, marketers and programmers and Platform 5 is the best WordPress plugin to save money, time and headaches!

Platform 5 is a new project that seeks to enter an increasingly popular sector: create websites without programming and using WordPress. You can install in your WordPress this plugin and start to design your website.

In this case, it is not a theme, as is the case of others like Divi, Platform 5 is a plugin, and installed on WordPress, will offer the possibility to include predesigned blocks on any website you want.

Platform 5, has a free option that permits the inclusion of several modules. The main advantage is that, being a plugin, allows to respect the design of our theme and include more features. 

PageLines is the company that developed the project over the past 18 months and presents Platform 5 along with several examples and a video showing step by step installation.

A good choice to create websites without programming. You will save time, learn some tricks and will see results in moments. And for free.

Platform 5 offers layouts with drag and drop system, is mobile responsive, personalized toolset and helps your website to improve SEO optimization.

This WordPress plugin an excellent framework that can be supplemented by others extensions (free and paid) that allow us to add different plugins (sliders, integration with social networks, etc.).

And Platform 5 has a drag and drop interface is the best to build it absolutely everything in WordPress, the plugin emphasizes building   pages directly (in the front end) to have a visual tool.

The tool is easy to install and use. Simply download PageLines the official website (free, are some paid extensions), install it, and start using it. Everything works very intuitive and easy to configure.

Take the chance and try Platform 5. Go to the WordPress plugins page and start the experience!

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